Treasure Hunting 101: Often Overlooked Places To Find Scrap Gold

If you like to make a hobby out of something that can garner you a little cash in your pocket, searching out hidden treasure in the form of scrap gold can definitely be a whole lot of fun. From old electronics to vintage awards medals and trophies, you may even be a bit surprised where some of the gold you're seeking shows up. you can actually turn a nice profit just by seeking out these items, doing a bit of dismantling, and then taking the gold scrap to a company that will buy gold. [Read More]

Handmade Bullwhips: Whether To Work With Leather Or Nylon

A bullwhip may not be a traditional accessory or the perfect gift for everyone on a Christmas list but there are occasions when one is wanted or needed. Whipcracking has become a popular sport and rhythmic whipcracking has been enjoyed by many cultures around the world for centuries. Decorative bullwhips also make excellent additions to Halloween and cosplay outfits and are a unique decorative touch in some western and rustic home designs. [Read More]